Like any award-winning 3-part series the climatic end is usually the “money shot” the one that ties the storyline together, and if James O’Keefe is to be believed, this last and perhaps final installment of “Rigging the Election” may actually be the “smoking gun” that may directly implicate Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile in the plot to attack Trump supporters, and has such O’Keefe has warned “the Donald” to go easy on any lawsuits until he (Trump), reviews the final installment.

However the Obama/Clinton gang is attempting to discredit the undercover video by downplaying the role Bob Creamer had with the Clinton's, the DNC and of course with the White House, and to also discredit O’Keefe with innuendo, and a big part of that strategy is to also question the authenticity of the video itself.

Which of course had Clinton operative Brazile referencing O’Keefe a “convicted criminal with a history of doctoring videos to advance his ideological agenda.”

However the fact that Creamer was a frequent visitor to the White House, logging more than 340 visits and over 45 of those visits with Obama himself, downplaying the obvious connection and the importance of Creamer would require suspending reality, and not even the Obama/Clinton gang can suspend that reality around.

Moreover Creamer within the undercover video actually explains that Hillary and the White House are aware of “all” his actions both directly and indirectly, and are in daily touch through conference calls and emails.

The two videos currently released by Project Veritas, and referenced by The Washington Post citing another Clinton operative Scott Foval stating; “Foval brainstorming over ways to commit voter fraud, such as by busing people from one state to another, while appearing to indicate that it had already been done in Iowa.”


However the video that promises to be perhaps the most troubling for the Obama/Clinton gang is set to be released on Monday, and once again O’Keefe is warning that this video will be especially damaging to Clinton, and perhaps even criminal in nature if it indeed shows Clinton conspiring or playing some role in having Trump supporters assaulted…stay tuned.

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