Good news, everybody. The president says the U.S. is firmly in the grip of an economic recovery.

Thousands of jobs have been created. The stock market and dollar indexes are soaring, indicating market strength. Consumer confidence is the highest it's been in months.

Best of all, the unemployment rate is only 5.6 percent.

Gallup CEO Jim Clifton went out on a limb on Fox TV News this past week when he called the 5.6 percent unemployment rate being touted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics a "Big Lie." He said that when you factor in the number of unemployed workers, the discouraged job-seekers, and the underemployed part-time workers, the unemployment rate is really 11.2 percent.

In other words, don't break out the party hats just yet, folks. The president has some explaining to do.

If the economy is so good, Mr. Obama, why are thousands of retail stores closing all across America? (Office Depot/Max announced plans to close 400 outlets by 2016. Sears will be closing 339 stores, Staples 170, and RadioShack, which just filed for bankruptcy, will be shutting 200 stores by 2017). Why is there no stop to the relentless outsourcing of well-paying factory jobs overseas? What are they being replaced with? (Can you say, "Do you want hot sauce with that?") Why is only 44 percent of the adult work force employed 30 hours a week or more?   Why is 80 percent of the college graduating class of 2009 unemployed or employed in jobs that are well below the education level and skill set of these graduates?

Where are all the quality full-time jobs, Mr. President?

Obama knows the importance of keeping up the illusion of progress when it comes to the U.S. economy, Clifton says. Otherwise, his party risks serious regime change in 2016. With a national debt of $18 trillion and counting, combined with endless 0-percent interest rates, massive debt monetization by the Federal Reserve propping up the economy, and virtually non-existent economic growth, it's not a stretch to say the country is in serious trouble.

Clifton says that if the unemployment rate truly were 5.6 percent we would be "feeling" an economic recovery. There would be plenty of good jobs to go around. Personal savings would be on the rise. There would be an increase in production and companies would be offering quality jobs and expanding their operations. They wouldn't be laying people off and hiring part-time workers to stay under the Obamacare radar.

The 5.6 percent unemployment figure is nothing more than a smokescreen - a deliberate fraud to make people think all is well and getting better, Clifton argues.

It's not. Are you feeling us, Mr. President?


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