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While our government might be fooled into thinking Islam is a religious doctrine not to be taken seriously, the rest of us know that tenets of the faith are violently oppressive. Either that or our government is made up of a bunch of pansies running scared.

You’ll have to make your own call on that.

While our representatives appease, those who are not among the sniveling liberal masses are starting to see the. For the most part we express ourselves at the polling booth.

Sometimes we take to social media and the blogosphere.

Then there are those who take matters into their own hands. Such was the case in San Bernardino, California. A mosque, that area residents say has been preaching radicalized thought and has ties to terrorists, was set fire to.

No one was harmed, and the perpetrator has been arrested for arson. What is not being reported is if there is any investigation into the mosque. Will there be any investigation? There are calls for this to be prosecuted as a hate crime.

Can you hear the crickets? For all their preaching of, “If you see something, say something,” nothing happens. Nothing, other than accusations of Islamophobia lobbed at the person who saw something and said something.

Perhaps if our government took a more active role in ensuring our safety things like this would not be starting to happen. Anarchy is not the direction America needs to go, but it appears to be scarily simmering.

Source: American News


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