Some say that protesting is a dead art. This week's example will show that it may not be dead, but it sure does have the brains of a zombie. There is no secret that the liberals in Wisconsin really hate Governor Scott Walker. Unfortunately for them, the rest of the state (the over-whelming majority) has a baseline knowledge of political events and supports Governor Walker. What is a minority to do when faced with such hard to grasp concepts as facts? They protest!

The protest gathered a few hundred people. They were carrying signs and chanting slogans like, 'Hey Hey, ho ho, Scott Walker's got to go'. Grammatically, that doesn't even make sense. We can overlook the heys and hos, but Walker's got to go is just bizarre. That line means that Walker owns 'got to go'. Their other slogan, 'Students united will never be defeated' just seems plain awkward. Maybe they meant 'Student's United', the credit union.

With Wisconsin being in the top 10 in the nation for schools, you'd think the liberal protest chants would at least make some sort of sense. Who is writing these things? 'Schools and Communities United' is the monster behind the chants. Apparently, they are lead by a group of teachers who won't be missed. Don't worry children, although your home room teacher is too busy making nonsensical protest chants, we have qualified substitutes to step in whilst Mrs. Shumacker finds a rhyme for 'Ho'. No, Johnny, that wasn't a request to help her.

What could be worse than having a few hundred under-educated public servants chant idiotic slogans? They could have gathered their mob around the wrong house and started to chant slurs at an elderly couple. I have some good news and some bad news for the Liberal morons. The good news is, you actually were protesting a Walker. The bad news is, you never bothered to check to see which Walker you were protesting.

It turns out that they had Scott Walker's parents surrounded. Yes, that's right. The 'Schools and Communities United' group was so focused on writing that snappy slogan, they didn't bother to check if the house they were surrounding actually belonged to Governor Walker or his elderly parents. Maybe they Libs should be lucky that they weren't in Texas. I hear that place as a very different 'elderly' Walker who doesn't take too kind to morons.

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