Liberal magazines have had a heyday with the upcoming presidential election and the fact that Republican front-runner Donald Trump isn't afraid to speak his mind. Liberals have taken this to mean that all conservatives are terrible people, but one liberal magazine has given this an interesting twist.

GQ, a notoriously liberal magazine that usually doesn't shy from taking potshots at conservatives and conservative ideals, recently released its list of the "Worst People of 2015." Sitting at a very conspicuous number five on their list is none other than Hillary Clinton, liberals' hope for the 2016 White House.

Wait a minute, you're probably saying to yourself. Isn't Hillary beloved by Democrats everywhere?

Well, it turns out that Democrats haven't been completely taken with Hillary's "First Woman in the White House" campaign angle. GQ's article points out that Hillary has been lying to try to get in the White House for a long time.

From GQ's article, "Hopelessly corrupt pander-bot 2008 Hillary is back! And remarkably, she seems to believe—yet again—that her lengthy history of cynical, bought-and-paid-for leadership somehow entitles her to the presidency, as if her entire campaign strategy is 'I didn’t betray my principles and sell out every last one of my constituents NOT to be president, you guys!'"

It's refreshing to see Hillary taking some flak for her terrible track record when it comes to honesty and actually delivering results to the American people. She's been terrible since the beginning and just because she wants to be president again doesn't mean her lying is going to change.

Louder with Crowder also makes an excellent point about GQ's article, noting that Donald Trump is absent from the list. While that may have been simply a lapse in the liberal mag's editorial work, I think it points to the fact that Americans are dying to have an honest, no-holds-barred president who will do what he says he will.

h/t: Louder with Crowder

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