The parallels are striking, in that it seems as if we’ve traveled this path before, and what makes it even more astounding within this bad act are that the players are almost identical to those of 1979. Then as now Americans were captured and imprisoned in Iran under false pretenses and tortured, then as now an incompetent Commander-in-Chief was at the helm.

However this new version has a more sinister twist, in that although incompetent President Carter actually cared and worried about those 60-American hostages, and even attempted to rescue them, a far cry from President Obama’s lack of concern for the well-being of Amir Hekmati a U.S. Marine veteran jailed and tortured in Iran for over 3-years, is quite frankly dismaying. However what is truly puzzling are those long negotiations between Secretary of State Kerry and the Iranians in that there wasn’t even a mention of the imprisoned American hostage; it was as if he didn’t exist.

However both Greta Van Susteren of Fox News and Montel Williams have been attempting to shine the light of publicity on the plight of this jailed Marine veteran. Also speaking out is Heckmati’s best friend Sgt. Gabriel Justice saying that he’s “disgusted” with President Obama’s willingness to leave an American behind while also accusing Kerry of “playing footsie with Iran”, while his friend is being tortured.

Which if course stands in stock contrast to the administration’s pro active involvement in securing the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahi, an army deserter who was traded for 5-high value Taliban leaders. Bergdahi walked away from his post in 2009 and calibrated with the enemy, and amazingly enough was given a hero’s welcome.

Obviously there’s a serious disconnect between this administration and how it views it’s obligations to those servicemen and woman, leaving and ignoring those that are serving with honor, while praising those that have deserted and calibrated with the enemy and risking the lives of comrades.




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