France is taking the November 13, 2015 terrorist massacre seriously. They are not calling it work place violence, bullying, or Islamophobic, they are calling it what it is, terrorism. 

Unlike our president, who in the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attack has said little other than to denigrate the 2nd Amendment, suggest Islamophobia and workplace violence, and call it a “tragic” event.

Our government sits back twiddling its thumbs hoping praying that the investigations by the FBI will not point to Islam’s Jihad.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, France unleashes war campaigns in the Middle East, as well as within their borders. In little over two weeks, they have conducted 2,234 raids on Muslims homes, mosques, other buildings and neighborhoods, garnered valuable information and likely stopped some future terrorist attacks.

Their dragnet resulting in confiscation of 334 weapons;

“In 15 days we have seized one-third of the quantity of war-grade weapons are normally seized in a year,” said Barnard Cazeneuve, the French Interior Minister.

Thirty-four of the weapons were considered war-grade, so one can only imagine what they mean by that term.

They arrest 232 people, and managed to round up illegal drugs. Mosques were not exempt from this undertaking, with three being closed.

One of those was permanently closed this past Wednesday, because, surprise-surprise, documents indicative of Jihad were found, as was a life insurance policy, computer hard drive, and a handgun.

Let’s return now to our shores, where the American people are told to be civil, to not blame Muslims, to not discriminate, and it is intimated that we should somehow feel guilty for some make believe socio-cultural bullying of members of the Islamic faith.

Well, being that they are world’s fastest growing religion, the overwhelming silence and lack of condemnation on their part is what puts people on edge.

We want to see them raiding their own community, dredging up their own leviathans, turning them in, and not hiding behind the Constitution with the president at their side, and we want to see action on the part of our government, on par with France.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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