It was the highest viewed presidential debate of all time, and perhaps the most dramatic and entertaining, with a little something for everyone.

The fireworks began almost within seconds as “The Donald” refused to play nice with his own Republican Party, however that was just the appetizer.

The main course came when moderator and host of the Kelly Files, Megyn Kelly posed a tough however “factual question” that sent “The Donald” into a tail spin.

And although Kelly seeking a much-needed 10-day R&R, had already been scheduled before the debate, the rumors immediately began that the real reason for Kelly’s quick exit was a result of the “dust up” between “The Donald”, Kelly and  the chairman of Fox Roger Ailes.

Obviously nothing is further from the truth.

Kelly is a “superstar” and enjoys incredible ratings, and quite frankly “star power”.

Ironically both Roger Ailes and Donald Trump, share the same personality traits, being loyal to those that work for you.

h/t: Mediaite

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