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Perhaps what binds the make-believe world of Hollywood, and the unique antics taking place within the world of politics, is that nothing is ever what it seems, not even a fact filled video can dislodge those who live within that blissful space of contrived characters, and phony virtues, can be budged to see themselves for who they really are.

Take for example the former head of the DNC Debbie Wasserman Shultz, who insisted that, those catcalls and boos she was receiving at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and then later at a breakfast meeting of her states delegates, were actually cheers.

Here is video from the DNC:

However aside from the actual video clip to the contrary, Shultz doubled down with her version of what took place, leaving both Fox News anchorman Steve Doocy and Pete Hegseth in stitches, as they played the audio and video from the interview, and apparently couldn’t contain themselves from laughing at the sheer audacity of this woman who kept insisting that the crowd was calling out to her in support “Yes, very enthusiastic,” said Doocey with a straight face, “You could feel it!” Hegseth added sarcastically.

However judging from the interview Debbie gave to the Sun Sentinel editorial board, stating that “Russian spies” stole DNC emails and “whipped so many into a frenzy that it became a distraction,” as the reason why she stepped aside.

There’s little doubt Debbie lives in her own world of make-believe, perhaps best suited for la la land.

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