The Founding Fathers knew the choice of the first president was critical to insuring the success of the new country and George Washington set a standard of protocol and conduct for the office of the president that have lasted through the centuries.

When his second term ended in 1797, Washington left office, returned to his home in Virginia and did not comment publicly on the policies or actions of his successor, John Adams.

That same courtesy and patriotic consideration, has been extended by every president in recent – and not so recent, history, most notably by President George W. Bush who told the press he would not be drawn into criticizing President Obama – and stuck to that pledge despite ample opportunity to do so.

Now, however, it appears that President Obama will not only be staying in Washington D.C. rather than returning to Chicago where Mrs. Obama grew up and where the couple met while working at the same law firm, or even moving to Hawaii, where the president grew up.

Instead, the Obamas will be renting a nine-bedroom home for $22,000 a month in a tony neighborhood in D.C. and sticking around.

While Mrs. Obama said the decision was, “because the children want to stay in D.C. to finish school,” in fact their oldest daughter, Malia, has already graduated high school and is enjoying a gap year before beginning college. Sister Sasha will graduate from high school in June 2018.

Former Newsweek and New York Times editor Ed Klein, however, claimed in a recent appearance on Fox News that President Obama is so obsessed with his legacy that he is setting up a virtual “shadow” presidency that will actively oppose every action of Donald Trump’s once he is sworn in on January 20, 2017.

Klein’s claim would seem to be supported by calls from the Left – from Michael Moore’s efforts to organize mass demonstrations on the actual Inauguration Day to a planned “Women’s March” a few days later, as well as support for the “Not My President” movement from the entertainment industry.

Klein says Obama is assembling a team of experts in areas likely to be focused on by Trump for revisions – abortion, labor and union matters, and “Obamacare” – who will serve as a kind of “shadow government” as they make speeches, appear on television interviews and publish articles supporting the Obama legacy and excoriating the Trump agenda.

The scenario described by Klein also gives credence to rumors that Michelle Obama is considering a run for office in 2018 or 2020.

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