For those who on occasion tune in to the popular late afternoon talk show “The Five” on FOX you already know that Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams are the rotating liberal pundits on the news talk show, and on occasion when passions run high on a certain topic a much-anticipated unscripted dust-up may take place, as demonstrated when Rivera lost his cool and things got quite heated indeed as Rivera defended President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

 “The Persians I know all want to make money and live in southern California,” he said, attempting to distance them from Ayatollah Khamenei who led shouts of “Death to America.

Unlike Beckel (a former host), Rivera is a pretty knowledgeable guy, so that comment actually raised a few eyebrows, and of course Bolling wasn’t about to let that silly comment go unchallenged. However Rivera doubled down bringing up another bizarre topic the Vincennes downing of Iranian passenger flight 655.  And then saying “There’s plenty of reasons for the Iranians to have a beef against us.”

Incredulous, Bolling challenged Rivera, “You’re not suggesting we shot down the airliner on purpose.”

And apparently Rivera lost it, jaw clenched, his finger shoved in Bolling’s face, he yelled; “Why do you say something stupid like that?” “That’s like stupid! You said that to make me look stupid and I don’t like it!”

Bolling reminded remarkably calm throughout the heated exchange, the mark of someone confident within his own convictions.

Watch the video here:

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