It’s 1:45am in Hewitt, Texas. Former US Marine, Eric Walters has retired for the evening with his wife and family. A knock on his door awakens him and he goes to answer assuming someone is in need of assistance.

Four teen-aged Hispanic thugs bum-rushed him. The first with a gun. Walter slams the door in the criminal’s face and proceeds to discharge the gun he happened to have on him out of caution, emptying all six rounds, into the door. He then proceeded to retreat into his home to grab another gun and get his wife and child to safety.

Walters describes the encounter in this way,

“He was coming quick and it was the only thing that I could do — I didn’t even have time to pull and draw on him — I had to hit him with the door and fire as I moved to cover.”

The thugs ran away, but were eventually rounded up, based on a tip from a McLennan County Jail inmate.

Let’s face it criminals with guns invading a home are not there to play games or undertake a simple robbery. This was a home invasion by four criminals and deadly violence would have ensued.

Fortunately for the Walters family, they had weapons to defend themselves in an equally deadly response. This incident proves that while a gun can be used to take life, it can also be used to save life.

It also proves that illegal gun ownership will not be stopped by adding to the more than 20,000 gun laws already on the books and obliterating us of our Second Amendment rights.

One has to ask what the liberal response will be? Silence. As always.

Source: Mad World News

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