The paparazzi always love snapping a good pic of a movie star or celebrity out for a stroll doing something that will make headlines. Whoever took the picture of Lindsay Lohan that is making waves on the Internet must be prouder than proud.

Yes, Lindsay Lohan is in the news again; but no, it's not because she's on a drunken rampage or headed back to rehab. It's because she was seen carrying around a Quran in public.

Lohan was caught by a photographer on her way to a day full of community service at a children's center somewhere in New York City. Lohan is, of course, dressed fashionably with designer sunglasses, a printed floral dress, various bracelets dangling from her wrist, and clutching an iPhone in her hand.

But what's tucked under her arm isn't that normal for a celebrity.

Lohan was carrying a large, blue, gilded copy of "The Holy Qu'ran," Islam's holiest book and only book of scripture. When questioned, Lohan said that she's a student of religion and is enjoying going through the book.

"I’m a very spiritual person and I’m really open to learning. America has portrayed holding a Koran in such a different way to what it actually is."

When you think about it, the fact that Lohan is considering another religion isn't that strange. Lohan's sister has openly converted to Buddhism and Lohan says that she believes it's "good to be open-minded."

But Lohan is also, self-admittedly, not very dedicated to her study of the Quran. "I’m not done reading it. Do you know how long that would take? It takes so long," she responded to a reporter's query.

While the Quran itself isn't the worst thing we've seen a celebrity carry around or lift up on a soapbox, it is disturbing to see Islam taking such a hold of the American mainstream. Let's hope Lindsay's study of the Quran leads her to some semblance of peace and not more radical action. She's the last person we need it from.

h/t: The Sun

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