The men and women of the “special op” community – CIA agents who collect and guard information pertinent to security of the United States – are less than pleased with the results of the FBI’s investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

In fact, former special operator Jamie Williamson says they are “really pissed off.”

Williamson, who is the head of a group of former special operators and CIA officials, OPSEC, was reacting to the announcement by FBI Director James Comey that he would not recommend the filing of criminal charges against Clinton for her role in the unauthorized creation and use of a secret, private email server set-up during her four-year tenure as President Obama’s first Secretary of State.

Although Comey found that the Bureau’s investigation found Hillary was “extremely careless” with State Department information contained on emails, including some with classified and even top secret designations, Comey said Secretary Clinton lacked both the criminal intent and the level of sophistication necessary to know what she was doing.

Lawmakers at an emergency hearing of the House Oversight Committee called by Chair Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) argue that the statute does not require a finding of intent for prosecution, while political opponents of Clinton point out that she has been found to be incompetent with respect to the handling the nation’s secrets while asking voters to make her the next commander-in-chief.

Clinton is weeks away from being named the Democrat nominee for the presidency, but Williamson says the criticism of her not motivated by politics, but by her poor handling of classified information and the failure of the FBI to hold her accountable for those practices.

“It’s unfortunate that politics has clouded this whole issue,” but it is what it is. Clinton’s running for president. We’re in the election season, so it is politicized, there’s no doubt about it.”

While OPSEC is not endorsing a candidate, the group says it will provide information to educate voters “on who’s lied to the American people.”

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