As former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, embarks on her second campaign for the presidency with a highly publicized road trip to Iowa, her efforts to portray herself as an ordinary American citizen took a hit from a member of her former Secret Service protection detail.

Dan Bongino had the opportunity to observe both President and Mrs. Clinton from a uniquely private position when he served on the detail during the Clinton administration in the 1990s – and he isn’t buying the charade.

As Clinton’s aides attempt to recast the prickly, sometimes off-putting candidate as a populist and a “woman of the people,” the campaign outfitted a luxury $75,000 Chevrolet van with two beds, heated leather seats and a 29” TV and headed to Iowa, the site of the all-important Democratic caucuses scheduled for February 2016 to meet with “real Americans.”

The press was told that Ms. Clinton spontaneously nicknamed the van “Scooby” because it reminded her of the popular 1960s cartoon show, “Scooby-Doo,” but Bongino revealed in a 2013 book, “Life Inside The Bubble,” that the Secret Service had given the nickname to the brown Ford conversion van used in her 2000 campaign for the Senate. Apparently, the nickname of the new van wasn’t exactly “spontaneous” as claimed.

Posting on his Facebook page, the former Secret Service agent said, “In isolation, I wouldn’t hesitate to chalk it up to a humorous coincidence, but with the Clinton's, nothing is coincidence. Everything with the Clinton's is manufactured disputed even Mrs. Clinton’s nickname for the van.”

In the few days since her campaign was launched in a rough rollout that included embarrassing typographical errors in the written announcement, as well as links to a dead website, Clinton has had suffered from highly visible self-inflicted missteps and bad optics.

Clinton’s driver parked the “Scooby” in a handicapped spot, a community college was put on lockdown during her meeting with a few hand-picked students, and her appearance at Chipotle drew attention as she kept her sunglasses on and didn’t interact with anyone in the restaurant.

Bongino added that the campaign season will bring “deception fabrication, untruths, mistruths, spin and verbal judo the likes of which you’ve never seen before.”



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