Welfare is for the people who need the extra help to survive and get back on their feet. Welfare is for the senior citizen who needs a bit of help after a life of serving. It is for the single mother whose deadbeat husband skips child support. It is for the people who are not mentally or physically able to support themselves through the workforce. Welfare is not for able-bodied illegal aliens who do nothing to give back to the society they leech off of.

Welfare is for the U.S. Citizens who need it to survive, not the illegal aliens who grab everything they can. That is a lesson Mike Michaud and his Democrat cronies have not learned. Michaud recently went on record saying that he applauds the local governments in Maine that go against the state's own agenda of supporting U.S. citizens.

Michaud supports breaking the law in order to give money to people not paying into the system. Even though current governor LePage is fighting hard to put the money back into the hands of those Americans who need it, Michaud and his cronies are calling for open mutiny by supporting the localities in the wrongful and harmful decision to give the money set aside for seniors, children, single mothers, and physically or mentally challenged citizens to able-bodied illegals. His reasoning is that the money is just a few dollars. Who would miss it?

Is this truly 'just a few dollars' as Michaud suggests? Only if you believe a bit over a million dollars qualifies as 'just a few'. As someone who is running for governor, you'd think Michaud would be a bit more connected to the common man. To the common man, a U.S. citizen's life is more important than some illegal alien's feelings. To the common man, a million dollars is a lot more than 'just a few' dollars taken from our pockets and given to the people who aren't even patriotic enough to become citizens or even learn English.

In Michaud's America, nobody will have to work, speak English, or be an American to receive money from Red Blooded Americans. In Michaud's America, the senior citizen who worked all of his life will be turned away for funds while the gang banging low lifes crawling across the borders are given benefits. One can only hope that Maine does not want to be part of Michaud's America and that great state re-elects governor LePage. Isn't it about time someone sends a message to those crooked bleeding heart liberals whose hearts bleed for everyone but American Citizens?


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