Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the darling of the Democrats and has been touted as the early favorite to run for the presidency in 2020 combining the far left position of the party that Bernie Sanders represented with the appeal of electing the first woman president Hillary Clinton had during the last election.

Democrats counting on the Trump presidency to fail miserably – or possibly end early due to impeachment, are already counting on Warren finding an easy path to the Oval Office may be in for a surprise as a Republican considers a run against Warren in the 2018 midterm elections.

Gabriel Gomez is a former naval aviator and SEAL who says he thinks Warren is beatable in Massachusetts, seeing a “path to victory” if Republicans can develop the right strategy.

“It’s really making sure we’ve got a crystal clear strategy if we decide to go, because I do think whoever decides to take on this challenge there is a path to victory against Miss Warren,” Gomez said.

Gomez, the 51-year-old son of Colombian immigrants, won a scholarship to the Naval Academy in Annapolis and earned an MBA at Harvard and graduated top of his Navy SEAL class.

He has established a successful career as a private equity investor in Boston and carries the “real world” cachet of Donald Trump with none of the baggage of a political background at a time when “Draining the Swamp” remains a popular goal for Republican voters.

His only foray into politics is a failed run against Democrat Sen. Ed Markey in a special election to fill John Kerry’s seat vacated when he was appointed Secretary of State in 2013.

Gomez says the short timeframe for a special election didn’t give the voters the opportunity to get to know him and believes he has a legitimate shot at Warren’s seat.

“The nuts and bolts is that there’s a clear distinction on who is really prepared to serve the state in the capacity of the senatorship, and that’s as far as I’ll go on that,” he said.

Republicans see Warren as vulnerable as her disapproval rating edges toward 40 percent, according to a recent poll – the sixth highest of all 48 Democrat senators currently serving.

Gomez may find that the time is right for a Hispanic conservative newcomer to emerge in the Democrat stronghold – especially a Navy SEAL.

The campaigns will start gearing up toward the end of this year for the November 2018 election and much will depend on the track record of the Donald Trump administration at that mid-point in his term – a growing economy, victories in the war against ISIS and a stable immigration policy would provide long coattails for Gomez and other Republicans around the country.

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