Dr. Mark Christian is an ex-Muslim and former imam who, after the recent Orlando terror attacks, has chosen to do something that very well may cost him his life in the name of America. Christian has chosen to leak insider secrets about the Muslim Brotherhood, but that's not all – his other offense is punishable by death under barbaric Sharia law.

Christian has converted to Christianity, something that would outrage thousands of Muslims. More importantly, however, he has decided to give out secret information from the Muslim brotherhood and guess who he's chosen to be his confidante.

That's right, Republican hopeful Donald Trump.

Even with a price on his head for renouncing his faith to adopt Christianity, the former imam, Christian, continues to lead a powerful campaign against political and violent Islam.

Christian accredits his conversion to a sick revelation that he had while he was a rising imam in Egypt.

From a young age Christian was brought up to preach Islam, becoming a military physician at the El-Maadi Military Medical Center in Cairo and treating high ranking officials including President Hosni Mubarak's family.

After Christian converted, he felt compelled to warn Americans and the world of the true danger that lies within the religion of 'peace'.

Christian warned that over 80 percent of mosques in the U.S. are under the watch of the Muslim Brotherhood, in which his brother and father are both high ranking members.

Christian is urging Trump to take action and go for what he calls the the root of the issue, Islam on a theological level. He has created a petition for people to sign in order to encourage Trump to take the action required to keep the American people safe from this threat.

The petition outlines 4 major actions required:

1. Require Islamic institutions in America to admit the fault within the Islamic teaching and Islamic theology that led to the Orlando terrorist attack.

2. Require that Islamic institutions discontinue speech and actions that victimize any group, whether they are LGBT, women, or peoples of other faiths.

3. Demand they take drastic steps towards changing the Islamic message throughout the Islamic mosques in America to abide with the laws and the Constitution of the United States of America, and preach against violence, hatred and killings of LGBT, women and those who believe differently.

4. If the Islamic community refuses, hold them complicit and accountable in perpetrating the anti-American rhetoric of Sharia and entirely responsible for every person wounded or killed as a result of any teachings in compliance with Sharia.

Christian attacked Obama for being too soft on radical Islam, saying, “Obama is questioning the need of calling the threat ‘radical Islam.'”

“The Orlando shooter, Mr. President, was let go twice after an FBI investigation because they were looking for organizational terrorist links and not devoutness to a radical religion, but if they had done that we wouldn’t be mourning the death of 49 Americans now,” Christian continued.

Christian understands just how dangerous a small group of radical Muslims can be especially when under the protection of PC America, and he knows Islam's true intentions and the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Maybe we should listen to him. Click here if you want to sign the petition.

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