While President Obama maintains an even tone of voice, never seeming to lose his temper when talking about ISIS and steadfastly refusing to use the word “Islamic” and “terror” in the same sentence, America stands by while ISIS wages cruel war against thousands of women and girls as young as seven-years of age.

These Yazidis are kidnapped, tortured, sold into slavery, and raped – sometimes deliberately and literally, raped to the point of death.

The Yazidis, both an ancient monotheistic religion and culture predating Islam and Christianity, are a minority in Iraq and have been subjected to persecution by ISIS with the intent of total extermination.

And although ISIS stands accused by the United Nations of committing genocide against the Yazidis, no nation has undertaken the rescue of the innocents who remain as slaves. Many of the captives have committed suicide after giving up hope.

Now, a brave young Yazidi woman has given a face and a name to the victims, speaking eloquently and passionately about the horrific acts committed by ISIS.

Nadia Murad Basee Taha addressed the United Nations Security Council, refusing to sugarcoat the reality of her experience as a captive ISIS sex slave.

“Rape was used to destroy women and girls and to guarantee that these women could never lead a normal life again,” she told the Council.

Basee was one of the thousands of Yazidi girls taken from her home as ISIS swept through Iraq on the way to reclaim the city of Mosul.

“Along the way, they humiliated us. They touched us and violated us. They took us to a building. There were thousands of Yazidi families and children who were exchanged as gifts.”

With remarkable courage, the young woman continued her story of being reduced to begging to be taken by a less threatening man than the first who claimed her.

“One of these people came up to me. He wanted to take me. I looked down at the floor. I was absolutely petrified. When I looked up, I saw a huge man. He looked like a monster. I cried. I cried out, I said “I’m too young and you’re huge.” He hit me. He kicked me and beat me.”

Basee continued, “And a few minutes later, another man came up to me. I saw that he was a little bit smaller. I begged him. I implored him to take me. I was incredibly scared of the first man.”

Before pleading with the world group to “get rid of Daesh completely,” the survivor painted a portrait of her treatment at the hands of the “less threatening” man.

“He forced me to take my clothes off and he beat me.”

That night, he left her in a room with guards, who raped her until she lost consciousness.

Unlike thousands of her sister Yazidis, Basee was able to escape her nightmare and hopes, by bearing witness to the atrocities being committed by ISIS she will galvanize the world powers to action.




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