“What a national security blunder this was”
(Steven Rogers, Former Member of the FBI, Joint Terrorism Task Force, on CNN 5-30-2015 with Anchor, Randi Kaye).

Talk about the understatement of the year. Rogers said those words with respect to the prisoner swap the Administration made of five high-level terrorists, imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay, for the war hero Beau Bergdahl. Whoops!...meant the traitor and soon to be imprisoned himself, Bergdahl. In case you forgot, we exchanged five wastes of skin for one turn-coat waste of skin (that would be Bergdahl).

Apparently, one of the five has already been in contact with his spawning ground Taliban buddies (Rogers, 5-30-2015; CNN). Should we place a wager that said communication was to discuss how to stick it to the American people in some sort of homicidal terrorist revenge sort of way?

As an example of what kind of chit-chat these five will likely engage in, Jonathan Gilliam (Former Navy Seal and FBI Special Agent), pointed to Al Baghdahdi, once no longer imprisoned in Iraq, achieved new Jihadi heights with his climb to the rank of head of ISIS. Rogers says these five terrorists are a threat to ever US Citizen (ya’think?).

How to address this? Rogers and Gilliam suggest government funding and/or training of our local police forces as means of assisting with intelligence gathering and analysis. Why not the FBI? As the two gentleman point out, the FBI is not a police force with a beat. Rogers says that part of the problem has been top-down dissemination of intelligence, and in reality this needs to be from the street up.

Imagine that…the government and agencies not being able to administrate from the top-down. Funny how that happens with every single thing the government gets involved in, be it postage, health insurance, welfare, let alone fighting a war such as the one we are in.

Gilliam also said, that we are dealing with this stateside threat because of a lack of strategic planning to fight this war of ideology, here at home, and abroad.

Again, another understatement.

In closing, we should be honored to have men such as Gilliam and Rogers continuing to serve our country, defend our freedoms, and keep us all safe.

h/t: The Right Scoop



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