Frequent Facebook users may be familiar with a message informing them that a post has been rejected because it contains a link “detected to be unsafe” demanding that the link be removed before the user continue to post.

For many, who are merely posting a link to a current news article of interest, the use of the word “unsafe” may be alarming – and it is intended to be.

It turns out that messages like this are only one way Facebook manipulates the news its users access in order to further its liberal agenda by censoring conservative news and commentary.

After all, what could possibly be deemed unsafe about a link like the one below – other than it is references the White House’s protective position about Islam? white-house-petition-demands-end-to-censorship-of-speech-regarding-islam

And while Facebook has long been seen as having a liberal bias, it is only now that proof, in the form of revealing comments from people who made the calls about what appeared on the newsfeed and the posts on member pages.

Editors who worked for Facebook’s news aggregators were interviewed in the tech blog, Gizmodo, and discussed the method by which the social media goliath manipulated the news its more than 1.6 million active users – more than 20 percent of the world’s population – not only see, but are led to believe is currently trending, and therefore important.

By instructing the editors to omit news about “blacklisted” topics and injecting those that support Facebook’s liberal agenda, users saw news items as trending news that were not, in fact, attracting readers organically.

Some of the topics that were blocked included IRS official Lois Lerner’s aggressive targeting of conservative groups, and Planned Parenthood’s sale of body parts of aborted babies, while the “Black Lives Matter” movement was injected as trending news.

Certain publications like the traditionally liberal New York Times, Washington Post, and Time, are used, while others like FOX and Breitbart were avoided.


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