While this incident may come as a surprise to some, if you live in a big city, especially within the northeast there’s a good likelihood that you’ll eventually have a clash of cultures between traditional American values and whatever the flavor of the day is in terms of ethnic values.

Add to that political correctness armed with a progressive agenda and it’s easy to see why Eujin Jaela Kim, a public school principal in Brooklyn, has banned virtually all celebrations that run afoul of far-left political correctness.

Santa Claus is banned.

The Pledge of Allegiance is no longer recited. “Harvest festival” has replaced Thanksgiving, and “winter celebrations” substitute for Christmas parties.

PS 169 is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn which actually explains why this “clash of cultures” is taking place, in that one practically needs a visa to walk through the neighborhoods, in that assimilation doesn’t exist, thus the banning of anything ‘AMERICAN” becomes almost a given.

“We definitely can’t say Christmas, nothing with Christmas on it, nothing with Santa,” PTA president Mimi Ferrer said administrators told her. “No angels. We can’t even have a star because it can represent a religious system, like the Star of David.”

In truth we’re witnessing the slow dismantling of American culture, American traditions and even our American history, right before our eyes.

A memo last month from assistant principal Jose Chaparro suggested a “harvest festival instead of Thanksgiving or a winter celebration instead of a Christmas party.”

He urged staff to “be sensitive of the diversity of our families. Not all children celebrate the same holidays.”

Source: Breitbart

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