It’s always heartening to write something positive within this climate of politically correct dogma which seems to have gripped those within the world of education, and perhaps witnessing this young high school football player, holding the American flag, may hopefully be a “teaching moment” for those educators who have abandoned their role as “teachers” preferring instead to become political activists within our nations classroom, rather than as referees to ensure a fair, balanced and factual presentation of the issues.

There’s little doubt that the visuals of educators wearing “Black Lives Matter” tee-shirts to class and promoting a false narrative, and high school football player L.A. Kelly II, holding proudly in his hand “Old Glory” stands in stark contrast to where America is today.

The Licking Heights, Ohio teen decided to take the field wearing his uniform, and holding up the American flag, in tribute to his dad, who’s a police officer, and because he knows all to well the hazards his dad faces everyday.

The photo has since gone viral, with police officers all across the nation rallying behind the young football player.


Moreover the irony of a young high school kid, having a better understanding of what America is all about, then the so-called educators who continually promote a false narrative regarding the hate group “Black Lives Matter” and who also put the lives of police officers at risk by misinforming young “at risk” students with progressive distortions rather than actually educating them based on the facts.

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