Video of Hillary Clinton almost falling to the ground while trying to get into her security van on Sunday has exploded across the internet. Clinton has claimed that her health is fine and that she is simply dealing with a bout of pneumonia coupled with dehydration. But one Secret Service agent who worked with the Clintons for many years explains that it has to be more than that.

In an op-ed for IJR, Gary Byrne, a former Secret Service agent with the Clintons during the 90s and early 2000s, talked about the simple fact that Clinton appears incapacitated during the video clip.

Byrne explains that the position of Clinton's staffers is routine, one on her right holding her arm, and one behind her propping her up against the metal post she's leaning on. He even explains how the blank expressions on the faces of the Secret Service agents is textbook.

But when Clinton is walked forward to try and get in the vehicle, Byrne points out the fact that Clinton appears utterly unable to take a step forward on her own. In fact, there is a moment in the video where it's clear that Clinton is being dragged forward and into the van by the Secret Service agents.

The collapsing of the security detail around Clinton, blocking the view and shielding her, is also a textbook move, Byrne explains. In this case it allowed the agents to secure Clinton without anyone seeing more of what was wrong.

But then, when the van took Clinton to her daughter's apartment, and not to the hospital, Byrne explains that his curiosity is even more roused. He suggests that Clinton is being seen by a private doctor who understands her condition--something that is obviously more involved than pneumonia and the effects of a warm day.

If Clinton really wants to be the leader of this country, she needs to come clean with her health issues. Otherwise there's no way that the American people can put their trust in her.

h/t: IJR

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