The visual imagery of the flier is pure propaganda – a strong, masculine fist shattering a Nazi swastika with the words, “DESTROY WHITE SUPREMACY” in bold capital letters, complete with an exclamation mark in case the reader fails to get the point.

The flier is the product of something called the “Richmond Struggle Committee Initiative” and is being circulated in the Virginia capital city in hard copy form and going viral online, promoted by a disguised Leftist group to promote violence at an upcoming Trump rally.

Clicking on every buzzword guaranteed to evoke a kneejerk reaction, the flier is designed to resemble a 1930s era call-to-arms, to the extent it paints a dire picture of looming imprisonment in concentration camps, but is brought up-to-date with the words and phrases adored by the Left: “misogynist,” “demonization of Blacks, Latinos, and Muslims,” and “Establishment.”

Urging the reader to “ORGANIZE TO SMASH FASCISM!” the flier lists a phone number, website, email and Facebook addresses in order to appear legitimate, even as it advocates violence: “Militant opposition is the only way to deal with fascists.”

Perhaps telephone calls to the phone number listed on the flier would reveal exactly who is behind the dangerous and incendiary words that urge violence at the Trump rally in hopes of creating an image of chaos and provoking a reaction from those who simply want to attend a political gathering in the exercise of their First Amendment right.

Should someone be taunted too much, pushed too far, threatened with violence, or struck with raw eggs, rotten fruit, bottles – or worse, as was the case with anti-Trump rioters in San Jose, their reaction will be all that will make the endless loop of the next news cycle.

The bandana covered faces, the throwers of eggs and fists, the young men chasing down elderly couples, the groups of angry men cornering a young women will be the last thing the mainstream media shows.

Instead, people in red “Make America Great Again” Trump hats and T-shirts will be made out to be the violent villains – and the Left will have won the media war again.

Finally – a question. Is this the work of ACORN? Staffed by veterans of Occupy Wall Street? Any Black Lives Matter rioters lined up to “Smash Fascism?”

Hopefully, the Secret Service charged with protecting candidate Donald Trump and the Richmond police who are required to protect the people of that city will look into the sources behind the flier, and take appropriate measures.

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