As the election nears the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is really starting to heat up. With the race being so close as of now states like Florida and proving to be more important than ever in deciding who will seize the presidency. Well the polls in Florida have just come out and it is not looking good for Hillary, especially among the independents.

Hillary has been making a hard push against Trump in florida coming after him and trying to portray him as a racist and a radical.

Instead of running on her own merit, Hillary has tried to scare the public away from voting for Trump saying that he is trying to take over the Republican party with a group of "fringe radicals."

Trump has proven time and time again just how wrong Hillary is and that her slander won't work. When asked if he wanted the "white supremacist vote" he answered clearly and definitively "no."

It would seem Trump was right and Hillary was wrong, again. All of Hillary's fear mongering hasn't paid off for her in Florida as demonstrated by a non-media poll of central Florida voters by Mason Dixon.

The poll shows Trump up 4 percent overall taking 46 percent compared to Hillary's 42 percent.

Furthermore when looking at the independent voters polled the numbers are even more telling. Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by 14 points for the independent voters, which some would say is even more important than the overall vote, especially in an election this close.

Trump has 44 percent of the independent vote compared to Hillary's 30 percent. That's a huge gap.

According to this Trump is in a position to absolutely annihilate Hillary in the Florida election, which could very well be the deciding factor in the coming election.

Now Hillary's people are in full panic mode. You can bet we're going to see her fight dirty and attack Trump hard as she desperately tries not to slip out of the race.

Please share and let us know what you think the Queen of Corruption will do next to try to get an edge over Trump.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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