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The Democrat Mayor of St. Petersburg Florida, Rick Kriseman tweeted that he has banned Donald Trump from his city.

This is a reaction to Trumps call to ban all incoming Muslims into the United States until a better vetting process can be established in order to ensure the safety of American citizens from extremist Muslim terrorists.

Kriseman has declared that his tweet is meant to be sarcastic but it has caused a firestorm or opinion both against and supporting Kriseman.

I'm sure the residents of Paris and San Bernardino may not find Mayor Kriseman's sarcasm very funny at all. Yet another Democrat showing a complete disrespect for the American victims and going to lengths to support Muslims.

Do you think this Mayor shows complete disrespect for the terrorist victims by making light of the serious issue of Muslim extremism at Trumps expense?

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think.


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