After seeing the entire world bow down to each and every demand of the whining Muslim community for years, this one florida man had had enough.

Now he's facing the possibility of spending the rest of his days in jail. It all started when this Florida man decided to 'terrorize' an unoccupied mosque with this 'gruesome' weapon.

His weapon of choice? Bacon.

The Florida resident, Michael Wolfe decided that he was sick and tired of Muslims coming into his country terrorizing his people and then getting special treatment to protect their precious feelings.

So he decided to act. Late one night Wolfe drove to an unoccupied mosque where he proceeded to set raw bacon on the front steps and then slashing at the windows with a machete.

Now Wolfe is being charged with a hate crime, armed burglary, and criminal mischief of a place of worship.

As a result Wolfe is facing a possible life sentence. Wolfe may be able to avoid the full sentence if he agrees to a plea bargain but ultimately Wolfe's fate is in the hands of the judge.

Keep in mind the fact that Wolfe's act of 'terrorism' that is being classified as a hate crime was done to a completely empty mosque.

And yet all across our country Muslims are committing real acts of terror against American citizens.

The liberal mainstream media however, refuses to classify any of these hate crimes as what they are: the real hate crimes.

We all remember San Bernardo, when Muslims targeted and killed 14 non-Muslims for the sole reason that they did not follow allah.

And what about Major Hasan screaming "Allahu Akbar" while gunning down 13 innocents at Fort Hood.

Then there was Alton Nolen who spoke Islamic expressions while he beheaded a Christian grandmother at his workplace.

Can you guess how many of these were classified as hate crimes? Zip. Zero. Zilch.

But don't worry we'll be sure to persecute the 'bacon burglar' for all of his hate crimes.

Source: Mad World News


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