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Most thinking Americans, or at least those that have an understanding of civics and American History, have always assumed that America already has standing laws governing our society, and indeed it does.

It’s called THE CONSTITUTION, and why there should be any confusion as to it’s principles within our judicial system, is still a mystery, and perhaps that’s why those states find themselves asking questions about Sharia Law.

In that over the past few months, we've seen a growing concern that Muslims will eventually try to demand that Islamic law be used in state courts.

One of the major problems is that these foreign customs are often directly at odds with longstanding laws regarding issues like marriage and children.

The Florida House Civil Justice Subcommittee has just approved H.B. 903, the Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases, on Tuesday along strict party lines all 7 Republican members present voted to send the measure out of committee, and all four Democrats voted no.

In recent months states like North Carolina have instituted similar bills that prevent any foreign legal code from being used to usurp either state or federal laws.

However as demonstrated in Florida, progressive Democrats will always stand against America and with Sharia Law, rather than with their sworn oath to uphold state laws within their respective states, and to honor our Constitution.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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