If you thought that radical Islam was the only thing spreading across the Middle East, you were wrong. Not only has the Middle Eastern refugee crisis caused an increase of rape and assault across Europe, but it's also increasing the spread of infectious diseases.

One of those diseases, cutaneous leishmaniasis, is a tropical flesh-eating disease that is sweeping the Arab world by storm. According to research scientists, the number of cases of the disease has more than doubled since 2011.

This particular disease is spread by small, biting sand flies smaller than a mosquito. The disease's epicenter is in Syria and, prior to the massive civil war in that country, the disease was fairly well contained to two areas of Syria: Aleppo and Damascus.

But civil wars cause massive changes in population. People flee from one part of the country to another, and recently they have fled in record numbers into Europe.

What makes cutaneous leishmaniasis so worrisome is the fact that people can be bitten by the small sand flies and not exhibit signs of the disease for six months. It's the flies, though that transmit the disease, so people who live in northern, colder climates are safe from this particular disease.

The effects of this sand fly disease are horrifying. People's faces are literally being eaten off the bone and, because of the wars raging across the Middle East, there aren't many hospitals that can treat it.

So, while the humanitarian spirit in each of us cringes and asks what can be done to help these people, the fact remains that thousands of diseased people are being infected by this disease, then traveling into southern Europe where they'll exhibit signs of the disease.

That means that the health care systems of those countries are then required to foot the hospital bills and worry about it.

Let's rebuild the hospitals in the Middle East and treat the disease there. That's where the best good can be done, not by inviting these people into our countries.

h/t: The Independent

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