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It’s always a bizarre fun-filled experience traveling down memory lane with the likes of race baiter Al Sharpton, who actually lives two separate and distinct lives, the one that his followers see, and then the one that they seldom witness, the one who travels in comfort and luxury and resides in 5-star hotels, and visits the White House, and lunches with powerful corporate CEO’s, and lives in a white gated community away from the hot crime riddled inner city.

Of course you never quite know which Sharpton you’ll get; the shouting race hustler or the reserved reasoned reverend making a veiled threat of “no justice no peace” for a price.

This particular video from 1992, shows a young chunky ill-suited Sharpton with a “James Brown” hairdo stoking the flames of racism, with a Nation of Islam member directly behind him.

The event was a gathering at Kean College in New Jersey, and the topic was police misconduct.

Sharpton is heard shouting;

“All the Panther lovers. All the 'Do it or die.' All the 'by any means necessary' negros.... I didn't see 'em stand up and do nothing. 'Oh really, I don't believe in marching, I believe in offing the pigs.' Well they got pigs out here. You ain't offed one of them. What I believe in I do. Do what you believe in. Or shut up and admit you've lost your courage and you guts to stand up."

Which of course is red meat to the frenzied crowd, if anything Sharpton like Obama knows his followers, and their little doubt that in another 20-years we’ll have perhaps another race baiter doing the same thing, and with the same results.



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