If there’s one thing that this presidential campaign as demonstrated is the continued and public bias shown by the news media, if anything Donald Trump has highlighted as never before the shameless coverage shown towards whatever subject matter the media finds objectionable.

Take for example another issue the media seems to have a personal dislike for “guns” and those folks who support our Second Amendment rights, and those law-abiding citizens who use and carry firearms.

However their contempt and outright bias isn’t confined simply to those private law-abiding American citizens, it even extends to an American Olympic champion.

When Kim Rhode became the first women to win a medal in Rio, there was hardly any coverage within the American media.

NBC did mention Rode's accomplishment only to make a snide comment:

Kim Rhode couldn’t lift her infant son, Carter, three years ago.

Not such a nice way to celebrate a historic Olympic record.


Obviously the media ignores what it finds offensive and promotes what it finds acceptable, and apparently Rhode’s becoming the first athlete to win a medal at six straight Summer Olympics, isn’t news worthy enough, furthermore her public stance in supporting both the Second Amendment and Donald Trump no doubt infuriates the press.

However at the end of the day average Americans see through the media charade of pretending to be a truth teller, rather than being what they’ve become a part of a corrupt system.

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