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Perhaps it’s only fitting that the revolt taking place within the Democratic Convention should begin in Philadelphia, after all that where our Republic began, and no doubt a reminder to those Bernie delegates, that perhaps a good old fashion revolt is what’s needed.

And to that end it seems that many of those disgruntled delegates are now setting their sights on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi!

It seems that Pelosi experienced the same treatment as Debbie Wasserman Schultz received from her own California delegation's breakfast meeting on Monday, chanting “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!” while she attempted to speak about Hillary Clinton.

The headlines within The San Francisco Chronicle read like a call to arms as delegates for Sanders expressed their anger at the mere mention of the presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton’s name, which drew an immoderate chorus of boos.

In an interview following the meltdown Pelosi exclaimed: “This is nothing new, people get excited about the campaigns that they are in, and it doesn’t turn off on the day the determination is made.”

“You know what — it’s the Democratic Party. We have never been a monolith.”

She continued: “We’ve always tried to reach a consensus but unanimity is impossibility for any part, some people are new and are not familiar with how things work.”

Perhaps Nancy is referring to rigging the system a little better next time.

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