When liberals speak about illegal immigrants living in the United States they are quick to point out the hard-working mothers putting their children through school or the young teenager who is working two jobs and balancing classes at a junior college. What the Obama administration and every other liberal who is calling for amnesty don't talk about are the illegal immigrants who are in this country wreaking havoc on American men and women and their families.

Consider a recent case in Lavon, Texas, a small city of 2,200 people northeast of Dallas.

Peter Hacking, a local volunteer firefighter and employee at a Dallas media company, was driving in a car with two of his children, a 4-year-old and a 22-month-old.

Suddenly a large van swerved out of its lane directly into the smaller car carrying Hacking and his children. Hacking and his two children in the car with him died at the scene of the accident but the driver, 33-year-old Margarito Quintero, lived.

Quintero was immediately placed under arrest but that wasn't the worst thing about him.

You see, Quintero is an illegal immigrant who was already deported from the United States once by ICE, back in 2008. It's obvious, though, that he made his way back into the country through a weakened border. And now a good man and two of his children are dead.

To add insult to injury, Quintero didn't possess a license or any type of registration which would allow him to drive or operate the van he was driving. He was an illegal who was illegally driving.

Though Quintero will likely be charged with criminal negligent homicide for the crash, that doesn't solve the larger issue.

Illegals are entering this country, our country, and doing harm to our citizens. Some are good people and that's okay. But not all of them are.

We need to fix the border and fix the immigration situation. Before other good men and women suffer from our government's negligence.

h/t: Dallas News Crime Blog

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