If you’ve ever hung around firefighters or police officers then you’re probably aware of the “good natured” rivalry that exists between these two heroic groups, and no doubt when there’s an emergency of any kind they come together as one.

However in this instance if someone only had a video camera, this could have been a segment on ABC’s “America's Funniest Home Videos,” as Kansas City firefighters responded to a call of “12-trapped police officers in an elevator”.

And of course those chuckling firefighters just couldn't contain themselves when they arrived on the scene and began “rescuing” those “boys in blue” out of the elevator.

Tony Pisciotta gave the thumbs-up and a sarcastic grin after the crew arrived at the police training facility Thursday

All of the cops in the broken elevator were rescued uneventfully. None was hurt, except perhaps their pride.

“We had a lot of fun with them and we made sure everything happened safely and we did it all the way its supposed to be done, and they were good sports about it and we threw our jabs. It was cool,” said Pisciotta.

This photo was gleefully shared on Twitter by Gregg Favre of the Kansas City Fire Department.

Rest assured there will be “payback” good natured of course.

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h/t: Fox

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