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If there’s one thing Democrats do well, it’s how to rig the system, and even at the local level Democrats know how to play fast and loose with the rules.

Last Friday Donald Trump appeared in Columbus, Ohio, and as usual there was an overflow crowd of Trump supporters to greet him.

The scheduled event was to be held in a convention center that could legally seat over 4,000 people, yet the fire marshal decided for whatever reason to limit the seating to only 1,000 people.

And of course “the Donald” wasn’t happy, and suggested to reporters that perhaps Fire Marshal Kevin O’Connor may be playing politics rather than being concerned for safety, in that the Greater Columbus Convention Center is a premier center that has hosted countless events in the past, and with a capacity to hold safely over 4,000 people at any venue.

O’Conner who is a Democrat as is the mayor of Columbus of course denies any wrong doing…sound familiar?

However what can’t be denied are the thousands upon thousands of Trump supporters waiting on long lines being turned away while half of the convention space is left vacant, so that another rigged industry can report on CNN, and MSNBC the low turnout at a Trump event.

However there are enough media outlets to set the record straight, and Trump immediately took to Twitter calling the move “politics at its lowest!” While Twitter users took to posting images of thousands of Trump supporters waiting in line and being refused access to the convention.

Just the day before Trump’s rally in Columbus, Mayor Ginther had campaigned with Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Just the previous day before the Trump rally columbus Mayor Ginther was campaigning with Hillary clinton. Kind of makes you wonder.

Do you think this Fire Marshal is purposefully keeping Trump supporters from attending the trump rally for political reasons?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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