The media flocked to what at first glance appeared to be KKK members showing full support of Donald Trump's presidential campaign at the Nevada Republican caucus.

Upon closer inspection not all was right with these 'KKK' members. They are black which last we checked makes them very much not KKK members.

This is clearly a ploy to undermine Trump's bid for the presidency. It seems a bit odd the media was so willing to play along when it doesn't take much to see these people are not actual members of the KKK.

Take a look at their hands in the photo below...


But there is more to the story here. Not only were these activists not KKK members but they are actually members of the hate group Black Lives Matter. This makes a lot more sense as BLM will stop at nothing to satisfy their agenda. Even attacking police, threatening lives and beating down war hero veterans. This is incredulous:

The media found time to do an interview with a man who “confronted” them, but not with the actual black Klansmen for Trump. The results of such an interview would have been most inconvenient.

Senator Aaron Ford, who helped spread the story, essentially admitted they were black, but claimed that it didn’t matter.

Senator Aaron Ford pretty much flat-out admitted these BLM activists where not really KKK members and nothing but a fraud but he refused to apologize for spreading the story and helping it go viral. Classy!


The national media never tried to get the reality of what was occurring and ran as fast as it could with the idea that the KKK was backing Trump. This was just a ruse to paint Trump as a racist. Many liberal haters are using the images of KKK members supporting Trump as it has spread all over the internet and news. Dirty politics by BLM. No surprise there.



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