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Most critical thinking individuals understand the difference between “necessity” and “want” especially when we apply those two principles in creating our financial plan or budget; we understand the “necessities of life” such as food, clothing and shelter are obviously more important to that of the “want.”

Except of course if you’re the government then those principles do not usually apply, because it’s always someone else’s money, unless of course you suddenly find yourself running out of other people’s money, and perhaps that’s where the UK is finally waking up and realizing that they can no longer continue robbing their citizenry and the behest of thousands of new refugees flooding into Europe and receiving additional child welfare payments.

And remarkably the European Court of Justice has just agreed with the UK in limiting unbridled welfare payments to refugees flooding the continent, which means Britain, may have some incentive to remain within EU.

However the complex issue of which refugees receives which welfare benefit from which country seems to be at best a temporary fix for Britain, in light of all the confusion that exists within this patch work and convoluted universal welfare plan.

For example while the Luxembourg-based court agreed that existing British welfare rules are valid, however unlike many EU countries Britain has their own welfare laws which allows them a "right to reside" test, which allows its own citizens almost immediate access to welfare benefits, while requiring EU citizens to provide additional proof.

Moreover Britain and the executive arm of the EU seem to be at odds with one another and complaining that Britain’s welfare system discriminates against those members that are not British citizens however foreign EU citizens living in Britain, which by EU rules is never-the-less illegal.

And no doubt that’ why Europe is in the mess it’s in with convoluted welfare laws designed to not only confuse the public but perhaps designed to purposely confuse the public…and that’s the difference between ““necessity” and “want” especially when created by government bureaucrats.

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