Who knew that getting paid to riot would be the answer to the youth unemployment problem within the inner cities. Apparently throwing rocks at police and burning down buildings may indeed be a growing cottage industry, however as the professional protesters are finding out getting that promised paycheck may be hard to collect.

The death of Michael Brown in the summer of 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri sparked civil unrest that quickly turned into a full-blown riot, where marauding youths burned, looted, and damaged buildings all over Ferguson including overturning police cars are now upset they aren’t getting paid for their handy-work  of destroying businesses and the livelihood of many within the community.

Astoundingly these protesters were promised paychecks of up to $5,000 a month to “protest” by a group calling itself The Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), which is a successor to the now-bankrupt St. Louis Branch of ACORN, and ironically never paid the protesters.

The damage to the city of Ferguson, Missouri is estimated to cost the country an upwards of $4.2 million dollars. The organization in question is funded by the liberal billionaire George Soros which provides for the organization through his Open Society Foundations (OSF). He paid for several protests groups to travel to Ferguson and participate in these demonstrations.

Obviously, there were many felonies committed during the height of the rioting, and while it’s perfectly lawful for people to assemble and protest, however quite another thing to purposely destroy lives and livelihoods, and the Justice Department needs to immediately begin an investigation of those that handed out or promised paychecks.



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