Memorials to Michael Brown have been popping up in Ferguson, Missouri since the death of the young man. However, due to the memorials being swiftly taken down or destroyed by citizens, the city of Ferguson, in conjunction with the family of Michael Brown, has chosen to erect a more permanent memorial to Brown.

The memorial includes a plaque with a picture of Brown and a memorial quote, as well as a metal dove. The plaque will be installed in the sidewalk in a hope to make a more permanent memorial that angered citizens won't take down.

Michael Brown Memorial

But one police officer has a valuable take on the memorial and the quote. The plaque, part of which describes Brown as a person who "left an afterglow of smiles when life was done," does nothing to talk about Brown's criminality, said the officer.

Chip Pierce, a former Virginia police officer said that the plaque, "sends the wrong message. . . . Michael Brown was a criminal."

Pierce went on to criticize the establishment that brought in protesters to Ferguson, and that celebrated the life of someone who had committed a robbery just moments before attacking and being killed by a police officer.

Here is officer Chip Pierce's full quote:

I don’t think a criminal that was killed while assaulting a police officer deserves to be memorialized. It sends the wrong message. Every time people are paid to protest a supposed injustice before the facts are known we lose credibility in the justice system.

Michael Brown was a criminal, he had moments earlier committed or assisted with a strong armed robbery. When the officer approached, Brown attacked. The officer shot him in self-defense and it was proven to be justified by a Grand Jury.

He like many other people that attacked police officers lose their lives as a result, which isn’t something to be memorialized. There are police killings that cross the line. I do not believe this was one of them. I wasn’t on the grand jury and I’ve never been to Ferguson, so I don’t have all the facts, but trying officers in the media is not appropriate.

Memorial tree was cut down one day after being planted

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