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Ferguson, Missouri is at it again. The thuggish mob is out in a show of support for the one year anniversary of their dead thug-hero Michael Brown. Naturally, they are getting violent.

In fact, this most recent event saw Tyrone Harris open fire on another vehicle. Ever heard of him? Probably not. Well, let us introduce you to the deceased Michael Brown’s good buddy and fellow low-life thug.


For the record, he shot at an un-marked police SUV. He was shot by the police a short while later. That problem was solved, but a new one surfaced. The idiot mob found a new hero in Harris and stepped up their violent stupidity.

In an effort to help the police keep the peace, the Oath Keepers showed up.

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The Oath Keepers are a group of former service members, patriots, whose interest is the safety of the citizenry.
They walked through the crowds, in military fatigues, with their armed weaponry on full display.

Open carry is legal as long as one has a valid permit, and is not threatening or brandishing their side arm or rifle.

They are “Right-Wingers” according to the left. The term law-abiding citizen-hero should be what comes to mind.

The Oath Keepers strolled the streets, bare-faced and without fear. The thugs? Those cowards wore face masks and tried to obscure their identities as much as possible. They are so proud of their efforts they don’t want anyone to know who they, the brave soldiers, are in their fight for social justice.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 3.40.01 PM

Sadly, even the local Chief of Police does not want them there as he finds them to be “unnecessary and inflammatory.” How gracious is he? Obviously, he had the situation under control a year ago, right?

— Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) August 11, 2015

If the chief of police is unwilling to accept their assistance, maybe they should pack up and ride out of town. Leave the chief to deal with it since he appears to be so good at controlling the violent masses.

h/t:Mad World News

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