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If you are a parent of a son whom you are trying to raise to be an honorable man, then your eyes will tear up and your heart will swell with pride for the young man and parent in this story.

Teenager, McKinley Zoellner, is a young man on his way to being a grown man with honor and integrity, as he demonstrated on the morning of September 6th, the same day Deputy Darren Goforth was memorialized by thousands in his community, and nationwide.

Houston police officer, Tommi Jones-Kelley, was pumping gas into her vehicle when someone walked up behind her. Naturally, Officer Jones-Kelley turned to confront this person.

There stood McKinley Zoellner. His purpose? To make sure Officer Jones-Kelley was safe.

Upon completion of filling her vehicle, Officer Jones-Kelly accompanied Mr. Zoellner back to his mother’s car and complimented her on her “amazing son.”

McKinley’s mom said her boy just wanted to make sure that she, Officer Jones-Kelley, remained safe and no-one hurt her, because he had her “6.”

These are the kind of young Americans we need to be raising. Zoellner’s mother should proud of her son, as should we all. She and her boy should serve as an inspiration to parents everywhere. After all, it is this up and coming generation who will make us or break us, and it is kids like Mr. Zoellner that will do the former.

Thank you McKinley Zoellner and mom, and thank you Officer Jones-Kelley for your service.



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