This almost sounds like an ingenious marketing strategy on paper, that somehow gets “painfully lost” in translation.

Ironically that famous Bernie slogan seems to have been co-opted by a health-clinic promoting awareness when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases…and perhaps just the visual optics of Bernie’s "Feel the Burn" is enough to send someone running to the nearest drugstore

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 11.41.25 AM

However much like ol Bernie’s platform the billboard is merely a subterfuge for something else and directs people to another website.

The billboard was spotted in Los Angeles and contains a red and white stripe which is very similar to what the Sanders campaign has used in their logo.

Of course “Feel the Burn” has so many other possibilities, as in the tax payer getting “burned” under Bernie’s Socialistic agenda…wouldn’t it be nice to simply “Make America Great” again!

h/t: Fox


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