For all the talk by liberals of needing to increase the reach of the federal government, a recent report detailing mismanaged payments in 2014 totaling $124.7 billion give ample evidence to conservatives that big government is not the answer.

The report came from General Gene Dodaro, the head of a federal office called the Government Accountability Office. The Government Accountability Office has been tracking overpayments and improper payments since 2003, and the total amount accidentally given out by our government has now reached approximately $1 trillion.

What's even worse is the fact that these payments haven't gone down since the accountability program was set up in 2003. They've only gone up.

Far and away the most expensive program when it comes to mismanaged payments, improper Medicare payments totaled $59.9 billion last year. That total includes mostly payments for ineligible services, duplicate payments, and payments to people who don't qualify.

Second on the list of highest false payouts was Medicaid, for similar reasons.

The third highest culprit of improper payouts, however, was Earned Income Tax Credit. As many reports have detailed, it is the Earned Income Tax Credit that illegal immigrants can use to receive back payments for multiple years that they have worked, even though they're not fully contributing to the system.

If there was any company in the world that recorded a $124 billion bad payout that business would immediately go bankrupt. It's just not possible to balance a budget when money is going out to the wrong people and nothing is being done about it.

And it's not as if the amount of improper payments is decreasing. It has increased every year since 2003 when the laws managing the reporting of bad payouts were put in place.

It's clear that the federal government has moved beyond ineptitude in managing taxpayers money. The time has come to fix Washington. We need to do this now before the federal government bleeds this country dry.

h/t: CNS News

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