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The buzz within most conservative circles is that Glenn Beck has lost it!

The once powerful and respected Fox host has for quite a while been spiraling downward and his recent rants have become more and more ominous, and quite frankly he seems emotionally unhinged when it come to the front-runner Donald Trump.

While Glenn Beck has since insisted that his murder threat Friday was actually directed at his co-host, the Secret Service appears to be taking the threat seriously and is unwilling to leave the matter up to chance, CBS11 reports.

The radio show exchange started after Beck talked about filling the shoes of Trump’s rivals, at which point his co-host Stu Burguiere joked, “Was it gigantic shoes?”

The response from Beck was clear without any ambiguity or confusion; “If I was close enough and I had a knife, really, I mean the stabbing just wouldn’t stop.”

The obvious threat was no doubt directed towards Trump, although both Beck and his co-host are attempting to spin it.

However the audio is clear, since Trump announced his running for the presidency Beck has had an unhealthy obsession in defeating Trump, he has time and again made personal attacks on his family and in particular Trumps wife, making all sorts of vile innuendos.

Obviously this guy (Beck) is in need of some serious intervention; however this isn’t the first time the Secret Service has gotten involved regarding death threats directed at Trump.

An Egyptian flight student was recently arrested after writing a Facebook post saying he’d gladly serve a life sentence if he could kill Trump.

Listen to the audio of Glenn Beck's threat to stab Trump below:

h/t: Daily Caller



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