For more than two decades the private enclave of Islamberg lay hidden within New York's remote Catskill mountains, shielded further by America's constitution.

Police say it was the perfect cover for an Islamic jihadi training ground.

The remote 70-acre compound was home to no less than 100 devout Muslims who practiced Sharia Law. Outsiders were not welcome in Islamberg, and to keep undesirable people out, armed guards stood at the entrance to enforce Islamberg's Muslims-only rule.

The leader of this cult-like collective was Pakistani Sheikh Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, a radical Islamist with known ties to terror organizations.

And what happened in Islamberg, stayed in Islamberg. Not even the sound of frequent gunfire and explosions would give local police the probable cause to raid the compound.

The big break for police came recently with the arrest of Islamberg member Ramadan Abdullah for trying to steal cases of ammunition from a store.

With Adullah's arrest police were able to obtain a warrant to search Islamberg.

What they found inside the compound was a chilling reminder of the price of eternal vigilance.

Police discovered an illegal cache of weapons that included eight semi-automatic rifles, four loaded handguns, one loaded shotgun, 64 high-capacity magazines and ammunition feeding devices, body armor, and thousands of rounds of .50-caliber ammunition.

When police turned their attention to Abdullah the pieces began to fall into place.

Abdullah, they discovered, was a long-term associate of the U.S.-based Islamic terror organization Muslims Of America who served time in prison after he was caught with materials to build 50 bombs.

By some stroke of litigious luck, Abdullah's sentence was greatly reduced and he was released from prison and allowed to slip under the police radar for decades.

Islamberg existed but for the grace of the U.S. Constitution. And it is this same constitution that Islamic radicals wish to destroy.

The irony is not lost on us.

How can America protect itself from Islamic terrorists when the Constitution gives them the same protections as citizens? Tell us how you would root out terrorist training grounds in the U.S. in the comment section below.

Source: Freedom Daily

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