Well, it looks like the state of Texas might just have the ammunition to get illegal aliens to leave their state, or not come there at all. If other states would follow suit, the influx of these people would likely subside.

Illegal aliens in Texas have been denied American birth certificates for illegal alien anchor babies. Naturally, the illegal parents are not happy.

District Jude, Robert Pitman, ruled that while they might have some valid concerns in this regard, there is “not enough evidence to carry the burden necessary to grant relief.”

Pro-illegal alien attorneys for the Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid (TRGLA), are arguing that without the birth certificate, these kids would end up having trouble with health care, travel, school, and the like.

Apparently, up until a few years ago, with a Texas birth certificate in hand, illegal aliens were allowed to get their Mexican identification to live and work here, with nothing more than the birth certificate and a passport, sans U.S. Visa papers.

For supposedly “disadvantaged, people in the shadows” they sure know how to game our system.

The illegal aliens’ attorney, Jennifer Harbury (TRGLA) says, that Texas,”…may not establish an obstacle course for these children alone.”

Yes, Jennifer, Texas can, just like the rest of the United States can. It is our country, not the illegal aliens and not the anchor babies, and it is not our responsibility to assimilate them.

It is their job to assimilate into our nation, play by our rules, and quit breaking all laws they can. They need to put their efforts in this regard into following our laws and coming here legally.

Should the parents become citizens, we will be more than happy to grant them birth certificates. Until then, the answer is “no.”

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