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Once again we witness politics rather than simple sound judgment prevail, in that the recent turmoil of race riots and the Assassination’s of police officers plaguing America has reached critical mass, and something needs to be done, and quickly!

However a flippant remark that “black lives matter” uttered by U.S. District Judge James Robart during a hearing on the issue of Seattle police reforms, actually does more of a disservice in solving the overall issue of race relations in America.

The comment whether intended or not suggests a predisposed bias by the judge towards law enforcement, in that Robart's is presiding over a 2012 consent decree requiring the city to adopt reforms to address federal allegations of police bias.

Moreover to add to the confusion, and political jockeying the Seattle police union is apparently attempting to hold up the court proceedings until it settles its contract disputes with the city, which prompted Judge Roberts to also declare;

“The court and the citizens of Seattle will not be held hostage for increased payments and benefits, to hide behind a collective-bargaining agreement is not going to work.”

However referencing a volatile race baiting group, that has on occasion called for violence against the police, and is also instrumental in the mayhem and riots all across America, isn’t exactly a judicial approach in the art of mediation.

The police union under the new leadership of Kevin Stuckey declared it’s ready to negotiate with the city and reach a compromise.

Source: Washington Times

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