This is fantastic. We all know German Chancellor bought the farm when she decided to welcomed in the Trojan Horse that is packed with radical Muslims.

Those poor refugees. Those poor, poor men. All young enough to go fight for their own country if they really cared. As men, if they are not radical, then they're the definition of a coward.

Which, in reality is exactly what they are, radical or not. In fact, even those not “radicalized” Jihadists appear to be some of the most depraved individuals who walk the planet. Hundreds of women were raped as a way for these Muslim freaks to welcome in the New Year.  

Merkel’s response was to describe the situation as a, “challenge we’re facing, revealing a new facet that we haven’t yet seen.”

Yeah. It’s called stunted evolution. A dead-end branch that needs to be pruned.

The towns they live in are being turned into proverbial sewers and landfills. Disease is surely to spread when you bring in filth.

Well, the town of Bavaria has had it. Their official, Peter Dreier, was among those who thought he would give benevolence a shot and brought in 1,800 “refugees.” However, he warned Merkel that if she sent anymore, he would send them back.

Merkel, being like Obama—a liberal who does whatever she wants, called Drier’s bluff. She sent  an extra 51 Syrian males, all Jihadist fighting age, to Bavaria. Bad move. Drier stood his ground, followed through, and sent them back.

That’s right. He packed up a bus with all those guys, who like most of the refugees appear to have lost track of their wives and children, and had them delivered to Merkel’s office. What a shock that must have been for her when she walked into work!

Bavaria did not want them. “…it’s time we set a limit,” they communicated to Drier. Unlike DC, Drier listened. "That’s why it’s time to take a stand, so that politicians change their tune,” he said.

This is something every governor, legislature, and local politician across this nation should consider. If you don’t want them, ship them back. Put them on busses and drop them off at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Drop them at your state Representative’s and Senator’s offices in DC. Maybe then our leadership will get the message.

Source: Mad World News


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