Country registrars in Texas are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to illegal immigrants attempting to secure birth certificates for their "anchor" babies.

Though the registrars haven't refused to honor the 14th Amendment of the Constitution which gives citizenship to children born on U.S. soil, they have gone about diffusing the illegal immigrant situation in another way--valid ID.

The registrars have ruled that ID cards provided by the Mexican consulate are no longer to be considered valid forms of ID. The reason for no longer being valid, report the registrars, is because the consulate ID cards are not reliable or accurate. This, of course, has both the Mexican government and a slew of illegal immigrants in an uproar.

While the Mexican government's anger at the situation is very understandable--they want their ID cards to be recognized in the United States to help give continue their credibility and power as a government--the anger of the illegal immigrants is less justified.

Civil rights groups have intervened on behalf of the illegal immigrants seeking to obtain birth certificates for their children and the groups have filed lawsuits against the counties and registrars.

The argument against the registrars follows a simple line of reasoning: the 14th Amendment grants birthright citizenship, so the U.S. should grant that citizenship to any children born on her soil.

However, that argument neglects to take into account the historical context of the 14th Amendment, which was designed to grant citizenship to free slaves and not to be a guiding light to immigrants around the world who travel to the U.S. to have children and insure those children have U.S. rights.

While the courts will almost surely side with the immigrants in this issue, simply because of the 14th Amendment, the fact is becoming more and more clear that the 14th Amendment is being abused. We need to think about changing, not only our immigration policy, but also the 14th Amendment.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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